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Abgeschlossene Masterarbeiten

Jahr 2017
  • Height Estimation by Combining Pressure Observation Data with Inertial Navigation (Schäfer)
Jahr 2016
  • Pixel-based Classification of Multi-Temporal TerraSAR-‘X Data in Eastern Part of Kraichgau Region (Pasternak)
  • Classification of Multi-Temporal TerraSAR-X Data with the Help of an Object-Based Approach (Pasternak)
  • Evaluation of the “low-cost” GNSS-Receiver ublox NEO-7P (Becker)
Jahr 2015
  • Untersuchungen zur PPP-Performance eines Low-cost-GNSS-Empfängers im Bereich kinematischer Anwendungen (Becker)
  • Datenerfassung, Synchronisierung und Implementierung eines integrierten low-cost INS/GNSS Navigationssystems (Schäfer)
  • Precise Orbit Determination for Satellite Formations and Constellations (Enderle)
Jahr 2014
  • Design of a Steering Algorithm for the Realization of UTCesoc (Enderle)
Jahr 2013
  • Classification of arable land using multi temporal TerraSAR-X data (Pasternak)
Jahr 2011
  • Optimization of the Float-Solution as initial parameter to precise heading determination with GPS (Becker)
Jahr 2010
  • Evaluation of Loosely and Tightly Coupled Kalman Filtered Post Processing-Solution from an Integrated Navigation System (Schäfer)
  • Accuracy Assessment of GPS Data Loggers (Becker)
Jahr 2009
  • Test and Performance Evaluation of a Two-axis Magnetic Field Sensor (Kleusberg)
  • Test and perfomance evaluation of a MEMS IMU (Kleusberg)
Jahr 2008
  • Evaluation of a High-Sensitive GPS Receiver for Kinematical Applications in Regions with High Shading (Becker)