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Fachartikel 2003

Kleusberg, A., Schiele, O.,  Patan, F.
      PDF-Download Airborne sensor positioning and orientation: data rate requirements.
GNSS2003, 22-25 April 2003, Graz, Austria

Reulke, R., Wehr, A.
      PDF-Download Fusion of Digital Panoramic Camera Data with Laser Scanner Data
Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques VI Vol. II, Conference, Zurich Sep. 2003, pp. 142 - 149.

Schiele, O.
      Experimental Determination of Necessary IMU Data Rate Using POS/AV
3rd European Applanix POS User Workshop, Barcelona February 06-07, 2003

Seifert, A., Kleusberg, A.
      PDF-Download An alternative formulation for the integration of GPS and INS measurements
ISPRS Workshop Theory, Technology, Methodology and Realities of Inertial / GPS Sensor Orientation, Castelldefels (Spain), 22.-23. Sept. 2003

Thiel, K.-H.
      PDF-Download Availability and accuracy of GPS and differential correction data for land navigation in different environment
Proceedings of International-Symposium of European Radio Navigation Networks Integration of GPS, EGNOS, Galileo and LORAN-C/EUROFIX, Munich, Germany, 04-05 June 2003

Anshelm, F., Gauger, T., Schuster, H., Droste-Franke, B., Friedrich, R.
      Kartierung von Materialschäden in Deutschland
Forschungsvorhaben im Auftrag des BMU/UBA, FE-Nr. 201 43 205, 2003

Gauger, T., Anshelm, F.
      Mapping of ecosystem specific long-term trends in deposition loads and concentrations of air pollutants in Germany and their comparison with Critical Loads and Critical Levels. Part 1: Deposition Loads. Part 2: Critical Levels
Forschungsvorhaben im Auftrag des BMU/UBA, FE-Nr. 299 42 210; 2003

Kleusberg, A.
      Analytical GPS Navigation Solution
in Grafarend, Krumm, Schwarze (eds):Geodesy - The Challenge of the Third Millenium, Springer, 2003

El-Rabbany, A., Kleusberg, A.
      Effect of Temporal Physical Correlation on Accuracy Estimation in GPS Relative Positioning
Journal of Surveying Engineering; Nr. 129, February 2003, pp.28-30