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Fachartikel 2004

Reulke, R., Wehr, A., Griesbach, D.
      PDF-Download High Resolution Mapping using CCD-Line Camera and Laser Scanner with Integrated Position and Orientation System.
Proceedings XXth International Congress for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Istanbul, Vol. XXXV, Part B, pp. 506-512, Istanbul 2004

Thiel,K-H., Wehr, A.
      PDF-Download Performance Capabilities of Laser-Scanners - An Overview and Measurent Principle Analysis
zfv 55 (2/2005), pp. n-30 - n-32

Kleusberg, A.
      Navigation and Communication from Space.
Berlin Air Show, May 11,  2004

Seifert, A., Kleusberg, A. .
      PDF-Download An Alternative GPS/INS Integration Method.
11th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems, pp. 165 - 172, 24-26 May 2004, Russia